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Yellow Hair

“For me, it’s interesting because I never thought of myself as an action man, but apparently I can do it, so that’s good to know!”

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Jamie Bower to star in ‘Overdrive’

Jamie Campbell Bower and Travis Fimmel have signed to star in Antonio Negret’s action film Overdrive

He and Fimmel may play car thief brothers whose permanent vacation in the South of France turns deadly when they fall foul of a local crime kingpin.

Film will written script by Wanted and 2 Fast 2 Furious writers Michael Brandt and direct by Pierre Morel.

It set filming date around end of the year in southern Europe

“This cast puts a fresh and dynamic coat of paint on the classic car heist thriller” said Morel

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The day we learned Jace was originally Will.

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I like to gesticulate and talk loud and stuff, and the theater is easy for me. I can go up there and spread my legs and go, “Here I am” Jamie Bower

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Jamie and Lily holding hands

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